Hoan Kiem Lake – The Heart of Hanoi Capital

Along with famous destinations of culture and history in Hanoi capital, Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake) really plays an indispensable role in Vietnamese’s heart for many generations. This place not remains priceless values of history and culture until the periods of ancient emperors but also becomes a communal meeting site ...

Ngoc Son Temple

Ngoc Son Temple is a Buddhist temple built in the 19th century in Hanoi, Vietnam. Ngoc Son Temple lies on a small green island in the North of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam. Ngoc Son Temple is dedicated to Tran Hung Dao, a Vietnamese hero who led the Vietnamese army ...

Tips To Choose Accommodation For Your Trip in Vietnam

Traveling is an awesome experience. But how do you choose the perfect accommodations? There are a lot of things to take into consideration, and it takes a lot of research and time to actually come up with a decision.

Top 5 Must-See Heritage Sites in Vietnam

For culture lovers, every small moment of discovery is a step closer to understanding a new and different way of life. Scattered throughout the country, Vietnam's UNESCO Heritage Sites are jackpots for these moments of discovery. Each one promises exceptional beauty and exceptional insight into Vietnamese culture. Of the eight ...

Best Things To Do in Vietnam in 2019

Colocated in the tropical monsoon climate, which is sunny all year round, with four seasons (spring, summer, autumn), creating a rich and countless beautiful plant species. The unique architecture of each region stretches across the S-shaped country. Vietnam has thousands of years of history as a cradle of rich history ...

Top 7 Night Markets in Vietnam

The markets are a bustle of noise and energy, with friendly food sellers calling out their menus, stallholders calling out their wares, and crowds of curious onlookers, shoppers, and diners mingling together in the night air enjoying the infectious energy that abounds from night markets.

Top 8 Things To Do For The Best Experience in Vietnam

The list of things to see and to do in Vietnam could be made endlessly and there are more than a hundred attractions to choose from. To make it easier we have picked out the Vietnam highlights for you. Enjoy!

Top 10 Most Popular Markets For Shopping in Vietnam

It is hard to know exactly how many markets in Vietnam. The market was born very early in human history. When people have produced more goods than their needs, they want to bring it to exchange with others to get some other products. For Vietnamese people, from the past generations, ...

General Information About Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a well-known tourist destination for its glorious history, rich culture, and fascinating landscapes. Vietnam is often seen by Western tourists through the lens of the painful war. However, our country has stood from the ruins to become a new ‘economic dragon’ in Asia. Traveling ...