When is The Best Time To Visit Hanoi?

Weather in Hanoi

Located in a tropical area, Hanoi has the typical climate of Northern Vietnam: hot summer with rainfalls (May to September) and cold winter with rare rains (November to January). Although the average temperature in a year is 23.6oC, it can drop to 10oC in January while reaching more than 40oC in June. In addition, Hanoi has two more comfortable seasons in February, March, April, and October which are wonderful for outdoor activities.

Best time to visit Hanoi?

To be honest, there is no bad time to visit Hanoi. Every season brings different images of Hanoi and different activities based on the weather.

Spring in Hanoi

Hanoi’s spring lasts from February to April. At that time, the humidity is the lowest of the years while rains seldom happen and skies are full of bright blue. This is also the occasion of Tet holiday and other festivals after Tet.

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Exploring the scenic beauties of the capital on foot at this great temperature and ambiance absolutely leaves you unforgettable memories.

Summer in Hanoi

Summer in Hanoi is such a steaming time that you do not want to live without the air-conditioners. It is also known as the rainy season with a lot of rains and thunderstorms, often in the afternoon. However, the rains leave as fast as they come. The atmosphere after the rains is cool and comfortable.

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It is high time to go out and enjoy the exciting nightlife in Hanoi and refresh yourself with amazing street foods. At daytime, you still discover the city by indoors activities at historical museums, vibrant shopping malls, and splendid coffee shops.

Autumn in Hanoi

In autumn, the temperature starts decreasing and becomes wonderful to set foot outside. You will see a beautiful and romantic Hanoi with warm sunshine, cool winds, and yellow leaves.

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Spend time visiting old quarters and Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoying the best specialty of autumn - Com (green rice), you will definitely feel peaceful and relaxed.

Winter in Hanoi

The coldest time of the year may look dreary with the gray sky and no sunlight but very interesting with activities of the locals to prevent from the chill. Fire is burned along the streets and joined by a lot of people. At night, going out to enjoy hot street foods and drink will help to warm you up on a chilly day.

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In winter, the famous destinations are all covered by the gray of the winter which is different from what they used to be. A strange Hanoi in winter is the last one of four pictures about the transformations of the city in every season.