Top 5 Vietnamese Foods Famous in The World

For centuries, Vietnamese foods have become familiar with tourists all over the world and voted by many famous magazines such as CNN or the world’s cuisine festivals. The followings are top 5 Vietnamese foods you must try in your Vietnam travel.

1. Banh Mi (Bread)

Vietnamese bread is listed in the top 20 most delicious street foods in the world, top 5 most attractive bread by the site of Huffington Post and top 5 Vietnamese foods you must try.

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Bread is a popular dish of Vietnamese people, which is easy to find on the streets. Bread in each region has its own characteristics.

2. Famous Pho

Vietnamese Pho is voted to top 10 the world’s most amazing breakfast meals and top 50 most delicious must-try dishes on the planet by CNN New Agency. Pho is a delicious bowl of noodle soup, served with beef or chicken, accompanied by lime, Vietnamese mint, and fresh bean sprouts. It is a typical Vietnamese breakfast meal and popular all over the country.

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So, when traveling to Vietnam, you can easily find Pho anywhere, from street vendors to local restaurants. The best place to enjoy the unique smell of Pho is absolutely Hanoi city with the price of around 1-1.9$ USD.

3. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is one of the famous dishes in Vietnam, favorite by Vietnamese people and tourists around the world. Pancake is a cake with characteristic yellow, a brittle outer layer and a core including sprouts, meat. It will then be folded into a semicircle. Pancake is often served with sauce and vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, perilla, basil, etc.

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Due to the diversity in culture, pancake in each region has its own features. For example, in the South, pancake features yam bean and taro; pancake in the North is served with sour and sweet sauce and in Hue, it is served with soup and its core includes grilled meat.

4. Bun Cha

In ancient Hanoi culinary, there is a simple dish which brings bold flavors of villages in the North of Vietnam. Grilled patties on bamboo sticks which sizzling on the charcoal fire, fills streets with fragrance are put into a bold sauce bowl. It appeals anyone to enjoy. It is a bamboo stick bun cha.

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5. Spring Roll

Traditionally, Vietnamese spring rolls are called Cha Gio which can be found in any Vietnamese town, city, and village. The best spring rolls are sold at street vendors and local restaurants, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy when you visit Hanoi or Saigon.

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Ingredients of spring rolls are diverse. They could be pork, shrimps, carrots and other vegetables. Spring rolls are served with Vietnamese sauce creating the bold of the dish.